African Rhythms Episode August 5, 2011

Broadcast on 05-Aug-2011

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Aug 21st 1998 David + Mike - Spotlight On DivasDivas
CITR RADIO UBC African Rhythms Radio

Intro : Zachary Breaux
Mike and David Pt 1
Etta James - Cry Like A Rainy Day ( Love`s Been Rough On Me)
Gladys Knight - This Is Love (1993 MCA CD Good Women)
Anita Baker - Angel ( 1983 Beverley Glen - The Songstress )
Mike and David Pt 2
( Anita Baker - Caught Up In A Rapture)

Rachelle Ferrell - Peace On Earth ( 1982 S/T CD)
Elis Regina - Triste ( Philips LP Elis & Tom)
Elis Regina & Tom Jobim - Waters Of Earth ( Philips LP Elis & Tom)

Mike and David Pt 3
Aretha Franklin - More Than Just A Joy ( Atlantic 1978 Almighty Fire LP )
Linda Jones - For Your Precious Love ( Turbo 7" - 45RPM - 1971
Aretha Franklin - Oh Baby ( Atlantic 1974 LP Let Me In Your Life)
Mike Ingram African RR Promo
Facts of Life Caught Up in The Act (Of Gettin' It On)( Millie Jackson) ( Kayvette Records 1977 LP Sometimes )

Mike and David Pt 4

Carmen Lundy - Love Me Forever ( 1996 JVC CD Old Devil Moon)

Mike and David Pt 5

Jazz Meets India ( Talking Loud Three 2LP)

Track Listing:

Cry Like A Rainy Day
Etta James
This Is Love
Gladys Knight
- Angel
Anita Baker
Peace On Earth
Rachelle Ferrell
- Triste
Elis Regina
- Waters Of Earth
Elis Regina & Tom Jobim
More Than Just A Joy (
Aretha Franklin
- For Your Precious Love
Linda Jones
Oh Baby
Aretha Franklin
Caught Up in The Act (Of Gettin'
Facts of Life
Love Me Forever
Carmen Lundy