African Rhythms Episode July 1, 2011

Nov 11 1996 pt 1 David and Mike

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Nov 11 1996 pt 1 David and Mike

Fiesta - Thanks For The Memories ( 1978 Arista LP
Mike and David Pt 1
Gladys Knight - Where Would I Be (1993 MCA CD Good Women)
Mike and David Pt 2
The Manhattans - One Life To Live ( Deluxe 1973 LP A Million To One)
Mike and David Pt 3
Phyllis Hyman - When You Get Down To It ( 1991 Prime Of My Life CD)
Angela Wimbush - Keep Turning You On ( S/T LP 1994 Elektra )
Mike and David Pt 4
Shirley Brown - When You Really Love Somebody ( S/T Arista LP 1977)
Shirley Brown - Passion ( Stax 1974 LP Women to Women )
Mike and David Pt 5
Sam Dees Comments on Regina Bell ( 90`s Robbie Vincent Radio UK )
Regina Bell - Love TKO ( Columbia 1995 Reachin' Back CD)
Mike and David Pt 6

Bobby Womack Tribute
Wilson Picket - I`ve Come a Long Way ( Bobby Womack on Guitar + Written by Bobby) ( Atlantic LP 1968 I`m In Love )
Bobby Womack - Harry Hippie ( U/A 1972 LP Understanding)
Bobby Womack - I`m Through Trying To Prove My Love To You ( U/A LP 1973 Facts Of Life )
Bobby Womack - A Change Is Gonna Come ( Columbia Promo 1976 LP Home Is Where The Heart Is)
Bobby Womack - Games ( Beverly Glen LP The Poet )
Mike and David Pt 7
Mike`s Pick - Isley Brothers - Make Me Say it Again Girl ( T-neck 70`s LP Fight the Power)

Track Listing:

Thanks for the memory
Where would i be
Gladys Knight
One life To Live
The Manhattans
when you get right to down to it
Phyliss Hyman
Keep Turning Me On
Angela Wimbush
when you really love somebod
Shirley Brown
Shirley Brown
Love TKO
Regina Bell
i`ve come along way
Wilson Pickett
Harry Hippie
Bobby Womack
i`m through Trying To Prove My Way To You
Bobby Womack
A change is gonna come
Bobby Womack
Bobby Womack