African Rhythms Episode April 29, 2011

Broadcast on 29-Apr-2011

7:30pm - 9:00pm

kellarissa , , satellites are spinning, LP,
Change is gonna come , LP, false, false, true, true, false
Bobby Bland, , 36 22 36, LP,
Solomon Burke, , Home in your heart, LPThe Staple Singers, , For what its worth, LP,
Bobby Patterson, , Recipe for peace, LP,
Osmar Milato , , Rita Jeep, LP,
Wilson des neves, , Berimbau, LP,
Dorian concept, , Dorian concept, LP,
Fat Freddys Drop, , Coming from, LP,
Joe Bataan , , What good is a castle, LP,
Fraser Macpherson, , The Shadow, LP,
RD Burman , , Takir, LP,
RD Burman , , OST, LP,
Nasir Huesain, , Humme Kisse, LP,
Seguin, , Comme, LP,
Guiness Casanovas, , Stand, LP,
Mr Clean , , Whats goin on, LP,
Lyn Collins, , Fly me to the moon, Zulema, , I wanna be where you are , L

Track Listing:

satellites are spinning
A Change is gonna come
Sam Cooke
36 22 36
Bobby Bland
Home in your heart
Solomon Burke
For what its worth
The Staple Singers
Recipe for peace
Bobby Patterson
Rita Jeep
Osmar Milato
Wilson des neves
Dorian concept
Dorian concept
Coming from
Fat Freddys Drop
What good is a castle
Joe Bataan
The Shadow
Fraser Macpherson
RD Burman
RD Burman
Humme Kisse
Nasir Huesain
Guiness Casanovas
Whats goin on
Mr Clean
Fly me to the moon
Lyn Collins
I wanna be where you are