A Face For Radio Episode November 24, 2016

Show #80

10:22am - 11:01am

Sometimes I wish my mood wasn't as eclectic as I try to make this show. Unfortunately, that is the case and this show you get a grumpy host, but also some great songs. We've got some Ghanaian oldies, some Alex Cameron, some Swim Team and Willie Dunn. Also, I play a reading of Anton Chekhov's short story, "The Lottery Ticket." Enjoy.

Track Listing:

She's Mine
Alex Cameron · Jumping the Shark
Car on the Hill
Joni Mitchell · Court and Spark
All For You
E.T. Mensah & The Tempos · All for You
Don't Let Me Down
Charlotte Dada · Money No Be Sand (1960's Afro-Lypso / Pidgin Highlife / Afro-Rock / Afro-Soul)
Swim Team · Out of the Flood
I Pity the Country
Willie Dunn · Akwesasne Notes