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Zen Mystery Fogg

Zen Mystery Fogg (Shake! Records)

by Elijah Teed


Ripe with bouncy bass lines and hazy vocals, Zen Mystery Fogg’s summer 2014 seven-inch release pairs perfectly with lounging dockside or drinking at the lake. This group’s four track EP is available on a wonderfully nostalgic cassette medium or digitally via Bandcamp. Like a love child of Surfer Blood and No Age, the sound on this release is equal parts psychedelic, equal parts surf rock.

The tape’s first track, “Because of You,” is wonderfully West Coast. It’s complete with clap-along drumbeats and reverb so wet you can practically hear the guitar dripping. Hot on its heels is the dangerously danceable “Semitones, Half-truths,” which could compel the most rigid of wallflowers to shake their hips to the beat.

The second half of this self titled release is best saved for when the sun sets and the cooler is running low. “Ian on the Wall” and “Ativan” provide the grit and growl component of the EP. They give credence to the band’s talent as garage rockers. So finish off your Summer right—pack up the car, stock up the brews, and load up the tape deck with some Zen Mystery Fogg . You’ll be enjoying one of Vancouver’s finest and fuzziest releases of the season.