Under Review

Temple Volant

Daydream Drawings (1080p)

by Erik Johnson


If you find yourself in the mood to sit down and pay careful attention to a whole album, it’s hard to beat this one in terms of depth and sheer intensity; most albums produced with such maximalist attention to detail lose the cohesiveness that minimalistic works find easier to maintain. Daydream Drawings creates something beyond that spectrum. As an album, it uses sonic complexity to add, rather than distract from the overall theme. Temple Volant’s mastery of this musical tactic is an impressive indicator of skill.

Daydream Drawings is always in flux. Each track evolves into something entirely new as it runs its course. The spaces between some of the tracks seem jarring at first, but in retrospect are a welcome source of respite from an overly rich sensory experience.

Released on cassette by 1080p, Daydream Drawings has a suitable production quality. The album was recorded in a way that brings out as much of the warmth of the tape as is possible. Each track is so rich with detail that it demands a listener’s undivided attention. Any interruption would distract from the full breadth of the album.

If I ever end up trying a sensory deprivation tank, I’d much rather listen to this album than the boring noise generator usually provided. Daydream Drawings’ dense, pulsing beats and ever-shifting synth lines are a welcome alternative to any white noise.