Under Review

Smash Boom Pow

Do You Feel? (Independent)

by Natalie Dee

There’s something to be said for keeping things simple. Smash Boom Pow has proved just how great simple can be with their newest album, Do You Feel? By limiting their lineup to drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, the band — originally from Victoria but now Vancouver based — has created a record that speaks for itself. Their sound is effective and easily lends itself the band’s heavier rock foundation.

Do You Feel?’s first track, “A Girl,” wastes no time in setting the mood for the album. Starting off with in-your-face riffs and an insistent melody, “A Girl” stands out because of its haunting, drawn out vocals. Continuing in much in the same direction, “Do You Feel” and “Hastings Funk”contain moody, heavy hitting drums and guitar chords that are a force to be reckoned with.

I Told You,” starts off by showcasing the acapella talent of lead singer Ulysses Coppard. His high notes are balanced out by guitar riffs and reverb, giving the track a pleasing final effect. Coppard’s vocals continue in the same fashion on “High Board.” His words are crooning as they proclaim: “This is what you were made for / Don’t stop now.”

The rest of the album doesn’t quite return to the heights the first-half reached. Noteworthy tracks include “Losers,” with its catchy, danceable riffs and “Problem,” with its angsty lyrics: “Can I be your problem / I wanna be your problem.”

All in all, Do You Feel? doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is; this being a solid rock effort that will have you jamming along as soon as the first riffs hit.