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Daniel Moir


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Daniel Moir

Daniel Moir’s sophomore release, Road, is a masterfully produced collection showcasing the Edmonton native’s songwriting skills. Road is a rootsy, alternative folk trip that takes the listener on a quasi-cinematic journey through the great Canadian landscape. While Moir himself is a gifted multi-instrumentalist—handling everything from the banjo to the mellotron—he’s supported by an excellent backing band. Jonathan Lewis’ violin work especially helps to create a great sense of atmosphere, whether it be hopeful (“Fruitless Journey”) or melancholic (“John Milyard”).
The sonic variety on Road, from the bouncy, trumpet and piano-laden “Sundrunk” (which almost sounds like an early Rufus Wainwright track) or the sparse, humorous acoustic blues of “Ma and Pa,” is commendable. A particular standout is the moody “Halycon Days” which at times sounds like a mix between Eddie Vedder’s Into The Wild material and the Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood.”
Moir’s impressive songcraft, coupled with his proficient backing band, leaves the listener with one heck of a good folk album. Road is definitely to be brought on any camping and backpacking trips.