Under Review


Maw (The Broadway to Boundary)

Shane Scott-Travis

Wow. Basketball’s debut EP has been a long time coming, and now that it’s here prepare for your jaw to drop. Barrelling out of the gate at break-neck speed is the Middle Eastern-influenced number “Andika.” The track manages to digest a danceable doctrine with overwhelming bass, all the while driving down some Bollywood back roads. It’s a brave and original sounding venture that seems without peer until the next track, “Into the Horns of the Sacred,” jets off via a diverse soundscape of hip-hop, jungle, synths and cabaret.

Maw is a curveball that only Basketball could propel, and they do so with aggressive glee. Vocalist Tome Jozic leads this four-piece down some eclectic thoroughfares, tying together sounds in a way that fans of DeVotchKa, Gogol Bordello or Handsome Furs will find aesthetically pleasing.

The aptly titled “Joy” mixes more globetrotting and palatable culture clashes as Indian and European pulses collide and coalesce.

There is a hypnotic and nocturnal hook to this EP which will most assuredly lend it a lasting appeal. “Suspiros de Chile” plays out funkified in places (Bootsy Collins would certainly detour off the Mothership for a butt wag here), conjures an Indian shahnai in others, and, unless my ears deceive, an obeisance to Yello’s ‘80s dance hit, “Oh Yeah.”

Maw offers up instant and absolute aural bliss. Simply put, this EP comes highly recommended.