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w/ Thee Manipulators & Channels 3x4

Biltmore Cabaret; July 12, 2010

Review By Chris-a-riffic

Quintron, photo by Steve Louie
Quintron, photo by Steve Louie

Face Down in the Gutter

I have two points to make about this wonderful show. First, I hesitated seeing the magnificiant organ-driven soul duo from Louisiana because my last time viewing their grand spectacle in Austin, TX was possibly the greatest show I had ever seen. It was at SXSW five years ago, it was packed and I had no idea what to expect. This time out, they played on a Monday to, at most, 75 people. But, those were 75 hardcore Quintron fans. And those two folks from New Orleans are pros. The set started with a blood-splattered and psychedelic puppet show by the lovely Miss Pussycat. The story was about pizza and cops and beheadings and we all loved it. Then Quintron came on, revved up his Drum Buddy, turned on the lights to his keyboard-driven ‘57 Chevy, took off his shirt halfway through and destroyed. Truly. Everyone screamed “I AM A BAD ASS!” to their great tune “Swamp Buggy Badass.” They played “Love Is Like a Blob” to perfection. And the crowd were being wonderful spazzes. So good.

My second point. For the longest time, I have been watching more and more local bands of late. I love watching my talented friends play, and it’s a little cheaper. But there is something to be said for a touring band that’s got their shit down. You’ve got to be so good for even 75 people to come see you on a Monday night in Vancouver. Quintron & Miss Pussycat were still loose, but so engaging and charismatic, even after performing a handful of “meaningful” shows at the Sled Island festival. Hopefully they can come to town on a weekend next time?