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Purple Rhinestone Eagle

The Great Return

Stank House Records

Review By Sarah Charrouf

Her Majesty the Purple Rhinestone Eagle has returned with their first full-length LP that will blow your unassuming mind out of the fiery waters from which it resides. Amass with trance-inducing riffs and lyrics of witchcraft and sorcery, The Great Return will carry any earth dweller to another cavern of being.

Purple Rhinestone Eagle is a three-piece based out of Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Andrea Genevieve (guitar, vocals), Morgan Ray Dennis (bass, backup vocals) and Ashley Spungin (drums, backup vocals). The three ladies work together to create magic reminiscent of heavy and fuzzed-out ā€˜70s rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, namely, Black Sabbath.

Not only are all nine songs on The Great Return perfectly executed, but they are perfectly written. Some bands seem to know the secret of song writing, and PRE is not exempt. Their live shows are full of energy and no one watching can help but let the sounds wash over them as they fade into oblivion. The album hardly differs. I suggest you conjure up this LP as soon as humanly possible. With one dose, you will be hooked.