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Like A Martyr

As Long As You Don’t Get Caught

Fantasy Ranch

Review By Nathaniel Bryce

Like A Martyr doesn’t mess around too much with fancy bells and whistles or mega production tricks in order to produce good music. A true adage to the term “less is more” LAM are straight up rock and they don’t make any apologies for it. You either love them or you don’t and chances are, whatever your take, the band will keep on doing what they do exactly how they want to do it.
As Long As You Don’t Get Caught is LAM’s second full-length and is a stronger and more assured reality than their first album, The North. The band is solid and they don’t fake any punches or butter you up with sweet tales of girly drinks and pink sugar cupcake icing. The opening title track showcases the band hard tapping into their inner AC/DC while holding onto their own. Then along comes “Calloused Hand By Calloused Hand” to toughen things up a little more. Of course, like any good formulaic rock record there are bluesy riffs, drunken piss taking and even the odd “power ballad.”

Singer/guitarist Jeremy Allingham’s loose and dirty bad-child guitar and leathery voice play centre to a tight as hell band that creates good gritty music for the rocker in us all and as far as shameless rock records go, As Long As You Don’t Get Caught is good as gold.