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Christ Illusion


Review By Will Pedley

Recently, there has been a trend amongst the old stalwarts of heavy metal (namely Slayer, Iron Maiden and Anthrax) in embarking on tours exclusively playing their ‘classic’ (i.e. older) material. By doing this they run the risk of turning into a kind of Las Vegas-era fat Elvis, merely trading on past glories. Also, it encourages often unfavorable comparisons between their ‘golden age’ and their latest material.
Slayer, however, have answered any doubts about their current form by releasing their strongest album since 1990’s Seasons in the Abyss. Perhaps it’s not just a coincidence that this is the first album since Seasons… to feature original drummer Dave Lombardo.
There are many typically brutal and intense tunes to be found within the ten tracks, “Jihad” and “Supremist” being particularly noteworthy.
As always, their prevailing lyrical themes concern war, religion and a helluva lot of anger. In the context of the post 9/11 world, their unflinching approach to these topics has helped to create an urgent and vital album that confirms their relevance in contemporary metal.