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Triplicate Records

Review By Natalie Vermeer

Sivan Harlap and Karen Correa have taken off their Hissyfits/Beauty Supply jackets and are revealing a less poppy Breeders and a more poppy Yeah Yeah Yeahs in this new Demander clothing. This five-song teaser starts off with a slightly droning vocal melody that doesn’t quite equal the rad catchy bass and drums. “Wicked World” is memorable for its beautiful surfy guitar, though I find the lyrics a bit confusing: “for some time now, I called you my mother but she would not approve…I can’t take you, no not anywhere but this old story is already told.”

“Raise a Glass (redux)” is totally beguiling and it makes me imagine a serious Lederhosen Lucil fronting Cadeaux with Kathleen Hanna singing a Tsunami Bomb melody. And I love the lines, “I can’t raise a glass to things that are long gone—what’s so wrong with here and now?” The most demanding song on this disc (and a great closer) is “Porte Cochere.” Correa’s “Could I?” in this song will be a great follow-up to Kaito’s “Should I” on your “grrrls with guitars” mix tape.

Maybe soon there will be more to check out from this line-up, but for now, I’ll dig the short and sweetness of DEMANDER! (say it in a metal voice—it’s fun).