Real Live Action

Peach Pit

w/ Dead Soft, Schwey, On Planets, club sofa

Waldorf Hotel Parking Lot; September 9, 2017

Lexi Melish
Image Courtesy of
Peach Pit

It was a truly Vancouver variety pack at Peach Pit’s Being So Normal album release show. The carefully assorted line-up offered fun for the whole family in the Waldorf Hotel’s parking lot, starting with club sofa, followed by On Planets, Schwey and Dead Soft. The night was young, just like the early-bird crowd, who stood eagerly waiting to kick off the last weekend of the summer with a show that would not disappoint.

club sofa opened with a balmy beach-rock vibe. Their warm and emotionally infused vocals spoke sweet truths over the high-intensity punk instrumentals. While the crowd was not yet at its maximum, the energy they projected from the set was welcomed by the punctual audience, who were caught in the grips of club sofa’s alluring sound.

On Planets was the most surprising set of the night. The gloomy electronic act provided those listening with an intricate collection of both remixed and self-written tracks, complete with live vocals and electric violin. Playing to a crowd that seemed to frequent a more indie rock scene, On Planet’s dynamic sound gave them a chance to immerse themselves in something outside of their norm.

In the short intermission between On Planets and Schwey’s sets, the cool evening sky rolled in along with a long line of eager fans ready to get moving. Schwey, as electric as usual, seemed to perform with a touch more euphoria — it may have to do with their recent signing to 604 Records. The conversational energy that existed between the band and their audience was beyond words and charged by contemporary funk flare.

The last opener was Dead Soft, a Vancouver classic. In many ways, Dead Soft helped pave the way for the grunge rock scene that now extends into the diverse and thriving community that exists today. Their ‘90s punk infused sound brought in a crowed of committed and enthusiastic fans, who conformed to the band’s undeniable momentum. Each member showed a deep commitment to their set, as their rapid and entrancing nature provided an inherent pulse.

By the time Peach Pit had started setting up, the already large crowed had somehow expanded and felt more intimate. Donning their familiar Scooby-Doo-esque outfits and their awkward-cool demeanor, Peach Pit jumped into a high school heartbreak themed set. The band’s methodical approach to promotion proved to be a success, as the ocean of loyal fans swayed along to the flowery indie-pop sound, devotedly mouthing every lyric as if it were their own. Peach Pit’s performance was uniform to their newly released album, reminding listeners of the hard work they’ve put in to create such a catchy and consistent sound, while also providing a peachy-keen experience for the sea of fans that filled the parking lot.