Under Review


Night Gym

1080p; 30/09/2016

Inca Gunter

You are walking down a dark corridor lit only by street lamp. The rain drizzles down, and as you glance at the cobblestone pathway, gasoline meets a puddle of water and a rainbow swirls about beneath you. The occasional truck speeds by on the overpass above you, but in front of you, a luminescent box buzzing with focused energy is luring you in. Its inescapable grasp is pulling you away from the dull 2 a.m. silence and into the hypnotic trance of the Night Gym.

Night Gym is the funky, fresh product of Vancouver’s very own, minimalviolence, a collaboration between A. Luk and Lida P, whose self-proclaimed genre is “damp pounding rhythms.” The first song on their album, ”Night Gym,” is clearly influenced by the crunchy drums and analogue synths of the current outsider movement, but incorporates a mode of acidity more like Aphex Twin than 808 State. I found that its pulsating rhythm is reminiscent of the soundtrack to the German film, Run Lola Run. Night Gym is full of tracks that emulate this echoey, thumping, eerie vibe making you just want to close your eyes and jump around to the beat.

What stands out most about these tracks is their complexity. Each and every song has so much depth, even more so than in their past albums. There is always at least five different things going on, yet it still has a sense of harmony and balance within. Swimming in a multitude of sounds and rhythms, accented by the synth beats and bass, the song “Authority” is a perfect example of this. Looking at Night Gym as a whole, it is a lyric-less yet beat-full glimpse into the creative minds of minimalviolence. Hopefully it will lead to further high energy, low tempo sounds that evoke powerful emotions.