Under Review


We Sink

Morr Music

by Angela Yen

Soley- l’ll Drown

Though hailing from Iceland, Sóley has released her first full-length album, We Sink, on Berlin-basedimprint Morr Music. The independent label has developed a sort of signature sound that is described as merging “electronic and indie musical disciplines.” Sóley, who is also a member Seabear, continues this tradition. She mixes minimalist electronic beats with haunting piano melodies that remind you of cobwebs, broken up harpsichords and music boxes containing twirling ballerinas.

It’s said that Sóley only recently became comfortable with her voice. But rather than a fault, the timid and whispering quality of her vocals is a part of her charm. Think a more soothing than jarring Joanna Newsom, with a dash of Björk. Her vocals carry most of the album, but the layered multi-instrumental approach cannot go without praise. The album gradually moves away from the prettier and softer opening tracks and takes a nightmarish and whimsical turn.

Blending seemingly opposing sounds to create a gloomy yet gentle atmosphere, Sóley’s piano flourishes on “Fight Them Soft,” eerily pairs a classical waltz with echoes of wind chimes. Darker tracks like this and “And Leave” give the album its richness which becomes more captivating as it moves along. We Sink pulls the listener in with its slow descent. You’ll sink further and further into the dreamy Alice In Wonderland-esque world that Sóley conjured up and believe me, you will not want to wake up.