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At Large (Zeebaholst Records)

Review by Kamil Krawczyk

B-Monster - <em>At Large</em>
B-Monster – At Large

There’s no need to clean up or presumptuously perfect your sound, certainly not when you’re B-Monster. Instead, you’re loud, reckless, and into rock ‘n’ roll for the music (and maybe the sex and drugs). For that reason, At Large is an amicable record that just oozes substance—a short romp through a chaotic candyland.

The band has a special aptitude at taking filthy guitar tones and pounding percussion, and creating fantastic tunes reminiscent of the heyday of ’70s punk. From “Soft Flesh For The Dungeon Of the Damned” to “Critical Love Condition,” At Large is a streamlined and well-written cacophony that will cater to even the most disparate tastes with its catchy riffs and singalong vocals—despite them being hard to decipher at times.

At Large is wicked. It’s vulgar, it’s simple, and it’s awesome.