Under Review

Adrian Glynn

Bruise (Light Organ Records)

by Olivia Meek

Adrian Glynn- Blue Belle Lament

Bruise blends folk-blues spirituals with a maritime vibe, so I can see why the Canadian Government would partially fund it. Well done for what it is, the album’s songs are recorded in a simple way, subbing a full band sound with hand claps, jangly guitar, foot stops, claw-hammer piano and bare a cappella. The songs get into your head and resonate like a Christmas carol; I think you could compare “When Everything’s Right With The World” to “Away In A Manger.”
Bruise could also be compared to the soundtrack to “O Brother Where Art Thou.” The song “Seven or Eight Days” has some honky-tonk and a little bit of Devendra Banhart-style singing. Although this album is not my favourite, it gets more endearing the more I listen to it. I think Adrian Glynn truly believes in his music, and I also think that the whisky-drinking, dirty blue-jeaned folks are gonna like it. One of my favourite lyrics from the album: “You could stand in the rain until your skin turns to raisins.”