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Shapes & Sizes

Candle To Your Eyes

Asthmatic Kitty

Review By Ashley Perry

Shapes and Sizes - Candle to Your Eyes
Shapes and Sizes – Candle to Your Eyes

The inside cover of the album instructs listeners that “This recording was intended to be played loudly.” Do yourself a favour and duly oblige. Florence & the Machine could be an immediate comparison as lead singer Caila Thompson-Hannant draws you in during the opening track “Tell Your Mum.” This track could be mistaken at-a-glance for Arcade Fire’s “Black Mirror” except for the overly peppy guitar. A rather upbeat start gives way to the raw “Sing Them Songs”—a guitar riff and solo that woos listeners to boost that volume a bit higher.

Thompson-Hannant has another particularly enticing acoustic wonder, “Too Late For Dancing”—a title and song befitting a warm summers’ eve. The four-piece band hailing from Victoria, B.C. Shapes & Sizes are the only Canadian band to be signed to Asthmatic Kitty Records, which immediately bestows musical cred. It is a rather notable change of pace from their previous, more raucous ’07 release Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner. However, it remains to be seen if this departure from their original ideals will lead Shapes & Sizes to greener pastures.

Candle To Your Eyes maintains an airy, sensual tone throughout and is perhaps their most cohesive album yet.