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Elephant Stone

The Glass Box EP

Elephants On Parade

Review By Farah Tozy

Elephant Stone - Glass Box
Elephant Stone – Glass Box

Move over 2010, the 1960s are back. Add a pinch of the Beatles plus a dab of the Kinks with a sprinkle of Indian flavour and what do you get? The psychedelic, power-pop, Montreal-based band Elephant Stone. With Rishi Dhir, former member of the High Dials, and the remarkable talents of Bobby Fraser, Gab Lambert, Mike O’Brien and Jules Pampena, Elephant Stone takes you back to the ‘60s with the added twist of the sitar. After their debut album The Seven Seas in 2009, they return in 2010 with their newest creation The Glass Box EP. The tracks preach love, peace and hope with their countless guitar solos and pops of sitar. The songs “Alap” and “Dhun” begin and end the album in the midst of instrumental sounds, while the other five songs maintain the psychedelic guitar-riffs and mind-blowing sitar solos, alongside Dhir’s melodious vocals. The top three would have to be “Strangers” for Dhir’s chorus falsetto, “Behind Those Eyes” for the incredible lyrics and “Savage Soul” for, not only the psychedelic guitar strumming and gentle drumming, but the sitar solo. This album will get you hooked on the sitar! Relax on the grass at your closest park—slurpee and sandwich in hand—while listening.