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Das Racist

Sit Down, Man

Mad Decent

Ashley Perry
Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
Das Racist – Sit Down, Man

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A hip-hop duo from Brooklyn, Das Racist describe their music as “deconstructionalist”. These guys break down traditional views of hip-hop—making it fun again. Many say you either love or hate these guys and it’s hard not to agree. But being supported by uber-cool label Mad Decent, Das Racist’s latest mixtape is immediately attention-grabbing. You know when a producer/DJ like Diplo supports you, that you’re doing something right. The musical prowess of Quincy Jones and Jay-Z gracing Sit Down, Man speaks volumes for how highly thought of this dynamic duo really is. When “Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell”—their 2008 “hit” single—was released, they fell into the joke-rap genre. Thankfully Sit Down, Man is a far from purely humour. This mixtape offers social satire that has barely been seen since Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP. Hardly gangster rap, Das Racist “Never killed a cop though / More the type to burn a spliff and eat a bag of nachos.” These guys really are pioneers of a new class of hip-hop, and well worth checking out. Back to the part about Diplo, the track he produced called “You Can Sell Anything” is a suitable title but remains to be seen whether Das Racist can indeed sell anything. Grab the free mixtape while you can, because you can expect big things from Das Racist soon.