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Young Rival

Young Rival (Independent)

Review By Melissa Smith

How many ways can you say absolute ass shaking excellence? The question is rhetorical and an answer is not expected. Just put on this debut EP and words become unnecessary. While the band name brings to mind a 14-year-old Brooklynite with a propensity for the words “drive-by” and “ho,” Young Rival is actually comprised of four lads from the smog-filled environs of Hamilton, Ont. The six song EP manages to reference several distinctly older sounds (the Yardbirds, the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth) while remaining cohesive, modern and fresh. This is unsurprising, as all of the tracks were produced by Emery Dobyns, who has worked with the likes of Patti Smith and Lou Reed. The first track “Your Island” is filled with so much jangly power pop goodness it should be bottled and sold over the counter. “Poisonous Moves” continues with jangly guitars, accompanied by melodies that will appeal to fans of the Britpop sound, as will “4:15,” reminiscent of Stone Roses in their prime. Rumour has it that the band is even more impressive live, so it would be wise to catch their only appearance in Vancouver at Pat’s Pub on Oct. 11 before they become ridiculously huge.