Under Review

Mother Mother

Oh My Heart

Last Gang Records

Review By Nathan Pike

There is something so very West Coast and homey about Mother Mother’s breezy style of music and Oh My Heart, the Vancouver band’s freshly released second album, is no exception. Time, experience, and a decent studio budget have afforded Mother Mother the means to create an album of extremely catchy tunes, along with the soaring vocal interplay that has become part of the band’s signature sound. Stand out tracks such as “Burning Pile” speak of self-awareness and growth, while “Hayloft” carries an afro-electronic feel and shows a band that is unafraid to experiment with new and interesting musical ideas. Lending a hand, and adding their own sense of style are a host of guest musicians; such as Peggy Lee on cello and the warm, unmistakable sound of J.P. Carter on trumpet.

At times reminiscent of the Pixies or the Breeders, Oh My Heart is a highly respectable follow-up that shows maturity and charm, while staying true to a formula that works well for them. Naturally sweetened with just the right amount of pop-sensibilities, Oh My Heart guides the listener on a musical journey that will stick with them long after the CD has played out. It seems rather suiting that fish and fishhooks grace the album artwork on the cover and liner; acting as a forewarning of the imminent musical hooking that new listeners may undergo.