Under Review

New York Dolls

One Day it Will Please Us to Remember Even This

Roadrunner Records

Review By Drake

The new comeback from the original punk/sleazesters (however many original members there are, plus ex-Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa) is a pretty solid effort, with bouncy riffs and high energy. Full of good time rockers, the feel is a lot like there was never any gap in the catalogue, and were it not for the much improved production values you might easily be fooled into thinking you were hearing old unreleased gems. Well, okay, the maturity in the writing might give it away, but there’s still plenty of playfulness too.
Standout tracks (in my humble opinion) include “Dance Like a Monkey” with its funky driving bass and clever lines about creationists dancing like monkeys; “Fishnets & Cigarettes” for the fun witty lines and imagery, not to mention a neat take on the old standard love song; and “Gimme Love & Turn on the Light” for similar reasons and a great groove.
So, here’s to the return of great boogie punk music from the venerable old Dolls. Let’s hope they don’t disappear again.