Real Live Action

He is Legend


Croatian Cultural Centre; September 14, 2006

Review By Sarah Fischer

Today’s screamo/hardcore scene is so dominated by predictable bands fronted by skinny boys in tight jeans, and hair so far side-parted that it falls over one eye. Each band is practically a carbon copy of the next, and the fans are the same. In a scene so repetitive and overdone, He Is Legend definitely stands out.
The five North Carolina natives look more rock ‘n’ roll than hardcore, and have the tunes to match. The dangerous guitar and bass riffs, solid drum beats, smooth vocals, and nerve-shaking screams make for a wild show. That mixed with front man Schuylar Croom’s stage antics, which include somersaults and some very sweet dance moves, keeps the crowd very happy.

I danced and sang all through their set with some intense fans squished up against me, grinning the sort of grin that gets you institutionalized, and absorbing the amazing energy this band produces when they are on stage. From the first song to the stretched-out version of “I Am Hollywood”, He Is Legend delivered. It was my second time seeing them live, and it won’t be the last. That’s for sure.

Their latest album, Suck Out The Poison, is due to be in stores on October 3rd, and I seriously suggest you pick up a copy.