Real Live Action

Genghis Tron / A Javelin Reign / Fake Shark, Real Zombie / Mothra


Picadilly Pub; August 30, 2006

Review By Natalie Vermeer

When you can’t decide what scene you want to be a part of (and why should you have to?), I’m glad there are bands like Genghis Tron. The metal/electro/dance pop/grindcore Philly trio packed the Pic like there was free beer and haircuts to be had.

I kept waiting for the circle-pit types to be caught mid-shove and start waltzing during the sudden breaks of ambient, dreamy solos, but it didn’t happen. Instead, I got to see a couple making out for almost all of the set. There was a joke about Digimon and everyone in the crowd laughed—perfect studio audience. Genghis Tron could do no wrong. A Javelin Reign had videogame soundtrack precision in their guitar and bass maneuvers that I could’ve listened to all night (if I hadn’t been curious about the ‘Tron). But the “rHAWh bLawh!!!” (can I sing along?) metal roars made me giggle. I couldn’t help myself.

Mothra and Fake Shark, Real Zombie started things off, but unfortunately I missed both acts. I hear the latter is like a repeated punch in the face, at least if you’re Larry and you’re annoying them. It’s nice to be knocked off the feet every once in a while.