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Action Driver

Review By Daniel McCash

Remember the “cool points” that kids used to collect off the ends of Popsicle sticks back in the 2nd grade? Well if PRIMES collectively took the form of a 7-year-old boy, that kid would have enough cool points to build a log cabin. Somewhere, somehow, everyone has been exposed to the Duckworth fad that’s sweeping the nation. Whether you stumbled across the bit crushing dance noise of A Luna Red, tapped your foot approvingly to the recently deconstructed supergroup Radio Berlin, or had your band’s website designed by Duckworth’s art project, Wax Museum… everyone in Vancouver has caught the cool and PRIMES is no exception to the rule. Their debut LP from Action Driver presents distorted synths, laptop beats (courtesy of the beautiful Ms. Synnod), and a lot of defiant vocals reminiscent of early NIN and Adult’s Anxiety Always. On stage, the laptop/microphone duo performs with unabridged intensity, as if having spat in the face of their creator and lived to dance about it.