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Post Traumatic Love 7”   (Northern Light)

Review by James Olson

Actors - Post Traumatic Love

New wave five-piece Actors show promise with their debut seven-inch. A refreshing mix of ‘80s aesthetics coupled with modern sensibilities, this pair of songs oozes charisma, confidence, and sex appeal. “Post Traumatic Love” glides on a shimmering synth line above a pulsing bass, creating an ethereal backdrop to Jason Corbett’s double tracked vocals.

Corbett does a very strong David Bowie impression on the B-side “Nightlife,” which is arguably the better of the two tracks. “Nightlife” features not only greater dynamic shifts throughout, but also has more memorable lyrics. A line like “We are the young/ We are the reprobate/ We have the day to sleep the pain away,” seems timeless when matched up with Actors’ glittering, seductive sound.

One can only hope for more from the group. As it stands, they have created only a part of the perfect soundtrack for a moonlight drive.