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American Lo Fi

Killbeat Music

Review By Myles Estey

Imagine my surprise when, after repeatedly listening to this southern twangy-folk of a country album, I look in the leaflet and discover Ox to be from Vancouver — I never knew! Taking in the simple, intriguing stories told by singer Mark Browning’s drawl against the quiet backdrop of acoustic and slide guitars, I was left with grandiose visions of a beat-up pick-up truck rolling down some desolate Interstate. But alack, the ballads to El Caminos, Miss Idaho and some lucky lassy named Sugar Cane are locally produced tributes to the sounds of another region. The Vancouver/Kansas confusion notwithstanding, the album’s sound remains genuine, and amidst the so-called genre of “alt-country”, Ox manages to retain an inexplicable uniqueness. Altogether, it’s an endearing collection of songs to take your mind for a meandering road trip. And sorry, you just missed their Vancouver show (October 10, The Media Club).