Under Review

Sunn O)))

White 2

Southern Lord

Review By Manny

Sunn’s been making their droning bass doom for a while now, but, as their newest and most varied release proves, there’s always room for a bit more bleakness. “HELL-O)))-WEEN”, the first and shortest, at 14 minutes, is familiar territory, with molasses riffs and power bass drones. It’s the sound of a woolly mammoth being consumed alive by a tar pit.

Next, “bassAliens” changes things up. The bass emerges in pulses from the murk of echoing guitar and ambient bells until some sort of electronic noise brings a crackling surge of life to these abyssal depths. Speaking of abyssal (if I had a nickel…), “DECAY2[NIHIL’s MAW]” tops everything by being possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever heard. Mayhem’s Attila Csihar provides their most perfect vocal yet, a trance-like recital of a chapter from something called the Shrimad Bhagayatam, which, on the even-more-bugged-out tip, is over 5000 years old. Meanwhile, the music is a sonic black hole, sucking light into its endless darkness.

Now, when you wanna get all your cult buddies together and read some Aleister Crowley, a perfect soundtrack exists, and your goat can save his death bleats for another occasion.