Under Review

Lamb of God

Ashes of the Wake

Prosthetic Records/Epic

Review By Drake

So, these guys are the salvation of metal—or so says their press release. I doubt that, as metal needs no saviors, despite what one might think listening to commercial radio. But these Southern gents certainly do rock pummelingly hard, albeit a bit squawk-grunty in the vocal department (which is all the rage in—heh heh—metal these days.)

That said, Ashes of the Wake is a decent disc. Lots of guitar and bass riffs, punchy drums, and lyrics that are probably anti-war—if you can decipher them. Not exceptionally different from the crowd, and the songs sound similar since they use almost the same opening riff on each one, but sometimes energy is more important than anything else. Put this disc on when you’re pissed off (at Dubya or whatever) and groove on the Rorschach test that is your perception of Lamb of God.