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Jaga Jazzist


Ninja Tune

Review By Ebony

Jaga Jazzist is a 10-piece Norwegian band reported to sound like “Charles Mingus with the Aphex Twin up his arse”. Excited? So was I. Especially when I saw the cover of Day boasting a remix by Matthew Herbert, whose special blend of jazz and electronica had previously piqued my interest. However, this EP is a foolish way to introduce yourself to the incredibly tight sound of the Jaga. The remixes by Matthew Herbert and Dat Politics are scatter-brained electronic blips of songs that clearly have greater potential in their original forms. The title track “Day” is also featured THREE TIMES on this EP, once as an original, once as a Herbert remix and once as a live piece. Bringing us to the only true highlight of the EP, the three end tracks which are all live recordings. These songs started to give me a taste of what the Jaga Jazzists are capable of, and it was righteous. My advice is that if you’re interested in Jaga’s ‘nouveau jazz,’ go grab their critically acclaimed A Livingroom Hush.