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Sun Q (Sonic Boom Recordings)

Sonic Boom Recordings

Review By Susy Webb

When it rains, it pours. Fans of analogue instrumentation have the opportunity to indulge their sophisticated tastes not only with Rob Sonic’s latest release (see review), but with the newest recording from Seattle’s IQU.

Pronounced Ee-Koo, this Japanese-American girl/boy duo met in 1996 in Olympia. Michiko Swiggs was in the digital music program at Evergreen College at the time, but Kento Oiwa, a life-long collector of vintague equipment, quickly steered her copious talents along a higher path. Reacting against the main genre of the city’s music scene, the two began making unusual music, fusing genres and styles in an undescribable but always danceable fashion. IQU have toured with diverse acts such as The Flaming Lips, Chicks on Speed, Mouse on Mars, and Looper, testament to their unusual, irresistable sound.

Sun Q combines elements of funk, disco, Kraftwerkian electro, and shades of Stereolab. Kento plays a mean theremin, Michiko rocks the Vocoder, and you can’t help but smile, dance, and agree that sushi is so, so much better than french fries.