Under Review

Femme Fatality

Never Had a Daddy

Collective Records

Review By Jamie Langen Neubacher

With their premier release, Never Had a Daddy, the St. Louis based twosome Femme Fatality combine funky electro beats with cancerous Goth vocals. Throw in some sporadic moments of comedic white boy rapping, and it’s enough to elicit a full-out, fishnet-shredding dancing frenzy.

Not only does Femme Fatality make for the dancing, but with lyrics like, “I’m not the type of player who hollers ‘cause I want head, I am the type of player who hollers cause I want her dead?” they ruthlessly indulge a “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” sense of humor.

Many of the tracks on Never Had a Daddy deal with murdering girlfriends and groupies. (Hence the band’s name.) It’s one sick, inane, and egocentric little album. Don’t take Femme Fatality seriously, though. Just relax and allow the merciful force of satire to ethically satiate your twisted cravings.