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April 4 @ Biltmore Cabaret

The Biltmore

Review By Quinn Omori

Less than two years ago, AIDS Wolf came to Vancouver to play a show so packed that it had the Emergency Room (R.I.P.) busting at the seams. Their next visit, in support of a better record (their latest, Cities of Glass), attracted about a third of the audience. And their most recent appearance saw even less people turn out. Because of the sparse attendance, the early show at the Biltmore got pushed back as far as possible, resulting in a brief but intense evening of music.

Twin Crystals started things out, mentioning that they now had a mere 20 minutes of performance time, due to the delays. Surprisingly, the short set time made them even more enjoyable, as they crammed almost as much music as usual into a non-stop, high-energy set of their aggressive brand of punk rock.

Shearing Pinx followed, setting up on the floor so AIDS Wolf could set up on stage simultaneously to save time. I’m not sure if it was the fact that they were closer or if someone just decided to crank up the volume, but they were almost painfully loud. It wasn’t the most comfortable listening experience, but it fit with the discordant nature of the band’s music.

Give AIDS Wolf some credit. The lack of an audience didn’t seem to faze them at all, as they turned out a performance that was just as intense as their previous visits to Vancouver. They were loud, they were animated, and they threw everything they could at the people who were smart enough to show up. Hopefully, if they decide to come back again, those people bring some of their friends.