Under Review


Return to the Sea

Equator Records

Review By T. Mounteney

So the other day I saw this dude with spiky hair and a donut, wearing a cut-off white t-shirt and driving a white IROC, its windows rolled down even though it was rather cold that day, just so that everyone could hear his tunes. It was, after all, the music emanating from his vehicle which had first drawn my eyes up from the pavement, as it had been years since I had heard ZZ Top’s “Legs” blasted so assuredly and with so much confidence. Now, say what you will about Mr. IROC and his band o’ beards, but he is consistent. And just to get something straight here, this is in no way meant as a dis, but that’s more than you can say for Islands. That being said, and here’s where I’ll get to my point, it is their unwavering eclecticism and slacker virtuosity which makes them oh-so-endearing. That is exactly what many would have wanted from these two of three Unicorns, and their Wolf/Arcade friends. I’m willing to bet that “Humans” in particular, propelled by a marching band and carried forth by Nick Diamonds’ twilight-darkened melodies, as well as “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby,” will end up on more than a few of this summer’s mix tapes (or playlists if that’s your bag). The latter song’s catchiness and patio lantern-approved beat will hopefully be enough for you to dance yourself into forgetting the track’s unfortunate title. Or better yet, maybe you’ll never know it by name, and only as that tune you made out to on the lawn of some house party just off Main St. the weekend after you finished exams.