Real Live Action



Vogue Theatre; February 26, 2018

Isaac Koenig-Workman

I decided to go all blue — with my jumpsuit, my skin and my fanny pack. Many others donned BROCKHAMPTON’s signature orange jumpsuit and blue skin, as per group leader Kevin Abstract’s tweeted request. I arrived at the BROCKHAMPTON show ridiculously early — 12 hours ahead of performance time — and I wasn’t shocked when there were already 15 others there before me. Among a group of disparate, yet incredibly welcoming and equally passionate fans, the time quickly passed and within the span of twelve hours everyone had become one big happy family.

Around 9:30 PM, producer Romil started to DJ in the corner of the stage. Another member of the boyband walked out with headlamp on while putting on his jumpsuit, before revealing himself as Ameer Vann — the crowd erupted at his smile. In a split second, the show went from nothing to everything as five more members burst out to kick off the night with the single “BOOGIE.” Every member showed their energy and their unique skill as a performer, but I was most impressed with Merlyn Wood and JOBA not only at the opener, but for the entirety of the show. They both brought the most energy with their groovy dance moves and their hard-hitting vocals.

Song after song, nearly every fan knew every lyric as the entire room rapped and sang along. Some of the best performance for the first part of the show had to be “STAR,” “GUMMY,” “FACE,” “JUNKY” and “SWEET.” Especially during these tracks, they proved their high calibre chemistry — always in sync, growing off of each other’s momentum and making zero mistakes. At one point, the boys finally paused and Kevin pretended to get mad, faking an end to the show and only returned with more energy than before. For a few minutes, they had brought up an audience member onto the stage, and if any criticism, I wish that they would have called up to all of the die-hard fans wearing jumpsuits and painted blue onto the stage too.

Even though this “boyband” predominantly raps in their music, the tracks that were more melodic beheld some of the most beautiful sounds of the night. The audience was conducted by Kevin to do an a cappella version of the hook from “BLEACH” and even he was in awe of the choir the audience became through this tune. Before the aggressive encore of “HEAT,” bearface closed off the primary setlist with “SUMMER” and his half of “TEAM,” composing a flawless concluding guitar solo to wrap up an astronomical, synergetic and magnificent show by BROCKHAMPTON. With a trilogy of albums already under their belt and their next already on its way, I will undoubtedly see this boyband the next chance I get.