Under Review

Ross Birdwise

Frame Drag   (Los Discos Enfantasmes)

Review by Ibrahim Itani

Allow yourself to enter the melting pot that is Frame Drag — not only a series of electronic tracks, but more importantly an experience. The individual tracks are seemingly meaningless in the fluidity of the large experience that is the entire sound of the record. The transition between tracks seems at points almost aggressive, leaving you disturbed, yet hungry for more.

This composition certainly takes inspiration from hip-hop, jazz among other genres as made evident by the sporadic trumpet sounds, spliced vocals, and snare hits. It gives the record the ability to continually surprise and keep you on your feet.

Right when you think the arrangement has reached a ceaseless flow, you’re whirled into a different oratory journey just as mismatched and chaotic as its predecessor. It’s also important to note that Birdwise brings a fresh approach to time and rhythm that heightens the surreal and frenzied stream that is Frame Drag.

While ranging from simple synth sounds accompanied with soothing vocals to a fusion of samples from police sirens, snare hits, jingles, barking dogs, muted horns, and so much more, Ross Birdwise truly creates a beautiful mess with this record.

Frame Drag mirrors no rational journey, splicing sounds from almost every genre, keeping the listener entranced in a lovely disordered medley.