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David Ward

Golden Future Time   (Independent)

Review by James Olson

Vancouver songwriter David Ward seeks to expand his futuristic soul/R&B sound on his second solo album Golden Future Time. An ambitious follow up to his 2012 EP trilogy The Arrival, the album is divided between Side A, entitled “Lost” and Side B, “Golden Future Time.”

The division of the album into two parts is not only reflected in Ward’s thematic undertones about fear, loss, and ultimately, hope, but in the shared production duties on each side. Of particular note are the contributions of Tom Dobrzanski (The Zolas) who helms production, engineering, and mixing duties for Side A.

Golden Future Time reaps the rewards of an intricate and meticulously detailed production as shown within the first few seconds of “Slowly through the Night.” Ward’s falsetto soars over groovy, distorted bass, swelling synths, and controlled drum work, pleading “Please don’t take me now” in a haunting fashion.

The album showcases the multifarious character of Ward’s songwriting. “Ghost in the Woods” and “Be Here” display Ward’s talent for crafting subdued, lush ballads. The title track is an upbeat, funky space disco number that could even put Daft Punk’s latest work to shame. “Fly” is a trippy electro gem accented by glitchy synths, heavily distorted bass, and anchored by Ward’s undeniably soulful vocals. The future is golden and so is this album.