Real Live Action


w/ Dream Date & Indian Wars

Railway Club; February 3, 2011

Review By Luke Meat

Photo by Bobby Ferris
Photo by Bobby Ferris

Stan from the Railway is the greatest bouncer in the world. He always makes you feel welcome with a smile and a laugh. He greeted us with enthusiasm about the Love DVD he gave me awhile ago, and most importantly, Nobunny’s imminent set. Well, he and 200 others were in for a treat. The bar featured one of the more varied crowds I’d seen at the Rail in awhile, ranging from denim-and-studded leather sporting crust punks to the ironic Les Miz t-shirt wearer to actual Nobunny groupies sporting bunny masks.

Indian Wars singer/guitarist Frase With, the best Jay Reatard look-alike I’ve ever seen, stated “We never made a set list,” which explained a set that hopped from rootsy R’n’R to noisy, sloppy blues complete with Jonathan Richman-style yelps. A great way to start the night.

I’m an absolute sucker for dual female guitarists singing lilting harmonies to a solid drum beat, which is why I was utterly enraptured with Dream Date’s set. Slumberland records influenced twee pop with beats that make ya wanna giddy up. I will be dreaming of dates with these gals for a while.

I had heard about Nobunny’s legendary live shows for quite some time. I had always thought he was a one man band, so I was surprised to see him with a full rock ensemble.

His fur was looking a little tattered and torn, but I think that was because of all the jumping around that he did all night. His new record Raw Romance is a collection of his earliest material, so he focused on that for most part. He did, however, pull out other favourites like “I am a Girlfriend” and “Boneyard”. He kept us hopping all night until Stan politely had to kick everyone out. Then I went out and got drunk off my ass with an old friend until 5 A.M.