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Go God Go

Sparks Music

Review By Melissa Smith

Go God Go seems to have at least two disparate musical styles going on. Taken on their own, the end result would probably be two very effective releases. On their third full-length Fred can’t decide if they want to emulate fellow country men U2 or follow the bright indie path forged by Arcade Fire and Polyphonic Spree.

The cross genre pollination’s end result is that this five-piece outfit from Cork, Ireland is not just wearing their influences on their sleeves, but also on their shoes, socks, etc.

Although the album was mixed by Mark Wallis (Talking Heads, the Smiths, U2, Iggy Pop), various members of the group shared engineering and production duties, but they would have benefited from an outside ear to prevent this exercise in auditory ADD. “Skyscrapers” sounds unlike anything else on the CD and seems to be influenced by the Scissor Sisters, while the third and last tracks are Neon Bible inspired fare. Fortunately, the genre hopping subsides in the last half of the album with songs recalling early ‘90s U2 or shades of Radiohead, which is where the band’s sound is more genuine.

Fred has received numerous accolades for their live shows from arbiters of taste (i.e. lowly music critics) spanning both sides of the Atlantic, so perhaps it is a matter of getting a producer to effectively harness their chemistry on a record.