Under Review


Pan Pan Medico

Submerged Records

Review By Pyra Draculea

Vancouver’s own Hinterland are back with another album that charms and moves. Pan Pan Medico has a similar floating, cinematic feel that Hinterland has always employed, though with a bit more structure than some of their past efforts. Trimming the fat (not that there was much of it) has allowed the strengths of their music to shine through even brighter than before. Weaving around singer Michaela Galloway’s vocal work are solid, bright, mostly upbeat indie pop melodies, though with still a bit of electronica and atmospherics blended in. Galloway’s always beautiful voice has more edge to it than before, which adds some interesting undertones to the songs. On a couple of tracks, like “Geometry” and “Future Ghost,” her voice is showcased with minimal support so that the listener can be fully absorbed into the vocal world. There is one instrumental track, “Titled,” which proves that even though Galloway’s voice is so central to the band’s sound, this sound can also stand on its own without any vocals at all. The song is a short but haunting piece that somehow reminds of an old musicbox melody brought into the modern age as it winds down. As always, Hinterland’s music can take you on a journey. It will be interesting to see where their music takes Hinterland next.