Under Review


Bloodied But Unbowed

Sudden Death

Justin Banal

This is an excellent collection by the band almost universally credited with coining the term “hardcore”. The album is a modern reissue of a 1984 collection of the band’s best works spanning from their 1978 inception through to 1983. This is absolutely the best era of a still-relevant band, and it’s worth noting that these songs stand the test of time despite the fact that they weren’t compiled with the benefit of hindsight. However, with tracks in common with the upcoming singles collection, the greatest hits compilation War and Peace, the Polish-issued greatest hits compilation Greatest Shits, the recently reissued (with bonus tracks) War on 45 EP, and the reissued versions of their first two albums and an early seven inch, one might question whether this long out-of-print collection really needed to be reissued. If you’re already a big fan of the band, you know whether or not you can justify the purchase, but if you’re as confused as I was, definitely start here.