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Destroyer’s Rubies (Merge)

Review By Julie Colero

I know we’ve already given Mr. Bejar a whole page of praise, but his new album cannot be overlooked, used as mere fodder for one journalist’s intellectual fawnings. Destroyer’s Rubies must be reviewed, and in a totally unbiased way.
As if that’s possible. Vancouver, you love Destroyer. I’ll just help you admit it, if you weren’t ready to commit yet. It’s love, and here’s why: Rubies is a shiny, sharp thing of beauty. Bejar has assembled himself a band capable of orchestrating the oft-understated but still powerfully meandering background sounds required to frame his poetic genius. The lyrics on this album sprout forth from where all your favourite idea seeds from works previous were planted.

I hope every Canadian buys this record. It’s that good. And just in case you’re a little overwhelmed by initial listens, a word of encouragement—the first three times I saw Destroyer live I got migraines. I kept going back though, and soon enough, I got used to the sound. Now I can’t live without!