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Under Review: Jesse LeBourdais, See You In The Storm

See You In The Storm

(Self-released); 07/05/2019

Tatiana Yakovleva

This May, Jesse LeBourdais welcomed us into spring with the upbeat folk punk EP See You In The Storm. Its three songs are captivating ballads on the frictions of life, touching on everything from mental health to hatred.

Raised in the small town of Horsefly, British Columbia, LeBourdais has defined the limitations of rural life. He began producing music in 2000 and his expertise is evident. The second song, “See You In The Storm,” is a culmination of LeBourdais’ practice, transporting the listener to the passionate pop punk era of the late ‘90s.

Jesse’s vocals draw on influences of Brandon Flowers from The Killers and Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. His beautifully rough voice is accompanied by a solid drum beat and chilling bass. The captivating beats  complement the rigid mood of the lyrics perfectly. However, “Three Shots” deviates from the rest of the EP and takes on a depressing yet comfortable acoustic tone. Jesse’s ability to perform such different tones is astonishing.

The lyrics on See You In The Storm create a mesmerizing contrast with its musical composition. In the seemingly cheery song “When You Fail,” Jesse laments “So I take that pain and I close my eyes and I bury it deep inside / Not knowing where the words were going take me or which melody was going to break me.” The pure grunge and angst cannot be simply explained—they can just be heard.

See You In The Storm provides a gloomy and passionate lens for everyday frustrations. The combination of the melody, vocals, and lyrics create a symphonic experience. Jesse’s self-expression is breathtaking, and this EP is an intense emotional ride.