Under Review

Great Northern

Remind Me Where The Light Is

Eenie Meenie Records

Review By Mark Paulhus

Since the White Stripes broke into the mainstream in 2002, there seems to have been an influx of rock duos flooding the market. Some rely heavily on the gimmick and less on actual content, while others, like Great Northern, prove themselves talented and passionate musicians. Instead of focusing on raw power and minimalism like the White Stripes or the Kills, Solon Bixler and Rachel Stolte take simple parts and layer them on top of each other, becoming song constructors. As each song progresses, more layers of instrumentation and vocals are added, creating a huge sound without affecting the mood or the tempo of the track.  Each song is carefully crafted, creating massive pieces out of tiny parts, causing the listener to forget that this is essentially the work of two people. This song writing formula is complemented by clean, crisp production quality that allows the music to resonate out of the speakers and fill the room at any volume. The result is 11 beautiful tracks ranging from the upbeat opener “Story” to the profoundly sad “Driveway.” The only drawback to the album is the vocal production. Rachel Stolte’s gentle, feminine voice is often trapped in the layers, unable to explode to the forefront of the songs and realize its potential. That aside, Remind Me Where The Light Is serves as a beautiful piece of contemporary indie rock that compares well with many of the bands at the top of the scene. Put it on, turn it up, close your eyes and disappear into the atmosphere.