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Sled Island Previews!


The Area, and Republik; June 21, 2012

Previews by Ariel Fournier, and Jordan Ardanaz

The Area – 1119 10 ave. SE

B.A.’s Hotdog BBQ Extravaganza

Day two of Sled Island kicks off with the best hotdog centered music event around town. B.A. Johnston, Hamilton’s favourite Weird Al knock off (trust me he’s said worse things about himself) and general showman, presents a midday selection of noise. Bands from Canadian sea to shining sea will be playing at The Area from noon to 5pm. Host B.A. Johnston along with The Ketamines are playing fresh off their concerts at Vancouver’s Music Waste.

Highlights of the show include locals Korean Gut playing their impossible to pin down pop, lo-fi hardcore group NEEDS, and Halifax’s garage surfer outfit Cousins. Ride your rented bicycles over and enjoy a fuzzed out afternoon at this charming hippie space.

– Ariel Fournier

Republik – 219 17 Ave SW

LEGS, Cannon Bros, Feel Alright, Reigning Sound
9PM – 12:15AM

This, the first of two festival showcases for Reigning Sound’s epic and influential modern garage rock meets blues punk sound, will be both a reintroduction of the legendary band’s twisty nostalgia, and a whistle wetter for a garage rock-hungry city.

Feel Alright’s amplification of ‘50s beach sentiments set against the grimy palette of Mammoth Cave Records, matched with Canon Bros ‘90s revival vibes will soften whatever edge remains on the evening – however clouded in an alcohol haze it will be by the end of the night.

Vancouver’s LEGS find themselves in good company for this, one of the festival’s first truly major shows. The troupe, composed by members of a number of great East-Van folk/rock groups, will set the tone night with a moody but powerful sound that blends elements of psych-folk with rock-oriented hooks. Though still early on into the festival, this is a show not to miss.

-Jordan Ardanaz