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Who Never Rests


Review By Jack Prus

Maybe it’s just that the first two tracks are “Excommunication” followed by “Satan backwards,” but there’s definitely something very irreverent about Khan’s Who Never Rests. Nothing is sacred and everything, from goth rock to jazz to funk, is ripe for Khan’s makeovers. The results are sometimes great, like the awesomely funky “I Got To,” and at other times they are just plane silly, but always fun.

The picture on the back shows an oddly-dressed man, with dyed white hair (or is that a wig?), leading a horse through a field. If this is Khan, then it would seem like getting laid is not one of his top priorities. However, if the album has any common theme, it is sex. The libido simply drips off the vocals, the beats scream ‘fuck me’ and with choruses like, “I got to / I got to / I got to do it to you,” well, I think you get it. Some of it feels a bit raunchy, and subtle it ain’t, but if you’re looking for the soundtrack to that dirty porn party you were planning, look no further.

Like I said, the main draw of this album is its fun factor. Whether Khan is hammering your ears with musical testosterone, grooving in smooth, jazzy beats, or simply taking you back to when Fatboy Slim was cool (although whether this was an actual time period is debatable), it’s a fun ride. The album does get a little tedious after a while; not really one that you could handle on repeat. However, if you need some energy for a drunken spring cleaning or want to throw a little curve ball into a dance party, Khan’s your man.