Under Review

Men at Adventure

"Chop Thru It" / "The Ballad"


by Tristan Koster

Men at Adventure - Chop Thru It_cover
Locals Men at Adventure are a ‘90s punk and grunge throwback band that proudly wears influences like Drive Like Jehu and Mudhoney on their sleeves. Their debut seven-inch features all the wild abandon, driving bass and guitar shredding solos that you’d expect from their heroes, and combines them with rhythmic lyrics and a sense of humour.

Individually, these guys have been playing music for years and “Chop Thru It” shows that they haven’t lost their joy for it. It’s a catchy, fast paced ear-bleeder about stupid kids and “all the shit that we think suck.”

On the b-side we have “The Ballad,” which is a heady song that makes an interesting companion to the much more punkish a-side. It’s a well-crafted murder ballad that has a slower pace, but never languishes. It’s a really interesting song and I hope to hear more like this from them on future releases.

This EP is definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of the genre, for the throwback factor of course, but more so for the unique twist that Men at Adventure put on it. Make sure to get out and pick it up quick though, as they only pressed 333 copies.